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Private Limited is the most popular type of partnership in Sabang City. Complete service information is available here.

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We use special applications specifically designed for the convenience of people

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The Go-Sabang application is very informative regarding tourism and the services available

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Information about cultural events is always updated


We have thousands of partners and are officially gathered here

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GO-Sabang app is an application that provides information related to Sabang attractions to transport services and services that are considered important for the progress of businesses in Sabang City.

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The request-response cycle of the community and users

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Satisfaction of the main things and independent character.

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Support and be supported by layers of business actors and society as well as the government.

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Information such as news, events, service sellers, locations and product items are available here.

Frequently Ask Question

Questions that are always asked.

Yes, this application is free to use for both visitors and partners.
To become a partner, you can register at the Sabang City Culture and Tourism Office.
We always maintain the security and information of users and partners and are managed by the Sabang City Government Office.


What are they saying.

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This application is managed by involving various Professional Teams.

Government Agencies

Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata Kota Sabang


Involving all elements of Sabang City Tourism

UI and Security

Developed by an international professional developer


Always monitored and controlled by the Government

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